Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Bird in the Hand

Ravens and Crows are messengers in ancient folkloric tales. I have always been fascinated by them. The Magpie (probably one of my past incarnations) is also in the same family. My latest collection features vintage washed imagery of Blackbirds . Below is a collage sheet of my raw images: (the skirts are already in the gallery--come by and see them before they fly out of there !

I use the same imagery under vintage magnifying lenses in some of my jewelry (below are some cable necklaces- $18.)


Abundance is Messy...

..seems to be my ethereal bumpersticker. Today I am in my studio working--and cleaning as I go. (I have posted freebies on my Facebook profile: christy86331)..making room for my new fabric printer and have already found about 4x5 feet that is available (LOL)..

The first run of bird print skirts are in the gallery. They are organic cotton and lycra--, these are fun and affordable (less than $35.)--in 3 vinatge washed colors.. come in and check 'em out.. The jackets will be in the Co-op next week..